Meet Our Speakers

Our Speakers are more triggers to conversation as opposed to the center of the symposium, they stimulate the conversations and unlike many conferences, we create the time for the participants to speak and learn together!

Dr. Motlalepule Mokhine-Martins

Speaker: Cultivating Awe and Flourishing: A Paradigm for Leveraging Arts, Education, Culture, and Heritage in Africa.

Dr. Siphe Potelwa

Keynote Speaker – Day 1: Culture and Legacy.

Prof. Jonathan Passmore


Keynote Speaker – Day 2:  The Psychology of Coaching in Nature

 Mrs. Omu Obilor

Panellist: Cultural Renaissence 

Dr. Mongezi C. Makhalima

Topic: Does Old Art Really Matter?

Mr. Goodnews Cadogan

Topic: The role of teaching abd development in creating the Africa we would love to live in.

 Mr. David April

Art – Move with Pupose!  

Mr. Femi-Luther Abegunde

Panell: Cultural Renaissance.

Mr. Sakhele Ndabeni

Topic: 30 years of democray: Untold stories from the community.

Mrs. Zeona Jacobs

Topic: The Art of Expression

“I leave the session inspired and hopeful. This is very different for a conference, where most of the time we just sit and listen”.

Diana Davis

“It’s different to talk about the continent in the context of coaching. Quiet enlightening conversations and meeting interesting people”

Jessica Bowen

Happy Renter