Practitioner Consultant: PCA (ABCCCP)


Designation in Consulting in the world and across the continent and represents the seriousness of the practitioner to continuously build practice towards Mastery and eventually Chartered status.

To qualify as a Practitioner Consultant (PCA) you need to evidence the following:
The ABCCCP uses practitioner-based competency assessment SKARP to evaluate the credibility and competency of the practitioner. Every applicant will undergo a competency based assessment that takes into consideration the following criteria:
Practitioner demonstrates ABCCCP Consulting Competencies

  •  Self Competences
  •  Communication competences
  •  Business & Entrepreneurial Acumen
  •  Technical competences (Area of Specialisation)
  •  Change competences (Self and Others)
  •  Diversity competencies
  •  Ethics competences
  •  Team competence
  •  A 1yr Consulting qualification (NQF7 plus) or equivalent
  •  At least 640 hours s a consultant
  •  At least 30 Continuous Education Units (CEU) a year (on renewal as a member)
  •  A commitment to undertake supervision 3 times a year
  •  Commitment to our Code of Ethics as indicated here (ABCCCP reserves the right to check at least once in the members 18 month membership duration).

– R 1250.00 (within South Africa)
– $ 150.00 (outside South Africa)

A Member will earn the right to display a designation as: Practitioner Consultant (PCA) (ABCCCP)


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