Chartered Consultant: CCA (ABCCCP)


The standard tells the world that you have staying power and are a credible practitioner.

To qualify as a Chartered Consultant (MCA) you need to evidence the following:
The ABCCCP uses practitioner-based competency assessment SKARP to evaluate the credibility and competency of the practitioner. Every applicant will undergo a competency based assessment that takes into consideration the following criteria:
Practitioner demonstrates ABCCCP Consulting Competencies

  •  Self Competences
  •  Communication competences
  •  Business & Entrepreneurial Acumen
  •  Technical competences (Area of Specialisation)
  •  Change competences (Self and Others)
  •  Diversity competencies
  •  Ethics competences
  •  Team competence
  •  An advanced Qualification (NQF 8 or above)
  •  At least 2400 hours s a consultant
  •  At least 60 Continuous Education Units (CEU) a year (on renewal as a member)
  •  A commitment to undertake supervision 3 times a year
  •  Demonstrates ABCCCP Consulting Competencies
  •  Commitment to our Code of Ethics as indicated here (ABCCCP reserves the right to check at least once in the members 18 month membership duration).

– R 950.00 (within South Africa)
– $ 112.00 (outside South Africa)

A Member will earn the right to display a designation as: Chartered Consultant (CCA) (ABCCCP)


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