Africa Board For Coaching. Consulting and Coaching Psychology – ABCCCP CPD Event


The ABCCCP’s key objective is to provide continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities for our members to ensure that they are always up to date with cutting edge information in their field. Therefore regular workshops, presentations as well as keynote presentations are organised.

Be on the lookout for an email announcing some of these events:

  • Cutting edge research series talks- inviting key academic performing key work in the areas of the profession
  • Breakfast sessions on a quarterly basis
  • Practice events
  • Networking events


With sluggish growth just about everywhere, Africa continues to represent a significant opportunity for many multinationals — one that is largely under-served and has significant long-term potential. However, some multinational companies often make critical mistakes.

In this session, we came up with a list of mistakes and suggestions on possible solutions multinationals still doing business in Africa or intending to penetrate the African market can use to beat the odds and even compete favorably with local competitors.


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