Affiliate Consultant: ACA (ABCCCP)


An Affiliate member represents our basic membership category for those who practice in the Consulting profession yet do not meet all the criteria for full membership nor have interest in /or support the consulting profession or related professions. It gives you the opportunity to remain connected to your professional body and take advantage of the resources you need to succeed.

To qualify as a Affiliate Member you need to evidence the following:

  •  Bachelors degree or Equivalent
  •  6 Months Experience as a consultant in their field of expertise
  •  At least 30 Continuous Education Units (CEU) a year (on renewal as a member)
  •  A commitment to undertake supervision 3 times a year
  •  Commitment to our Code of Ethics as indicated here (ABCCCP reserves the right to check at least once in the members 18 month membership duration).

– R 950.00 (within South Africa)
– $ 112.00 (outside South Africa)

A Member will earn the right to display a designation as: Affiliate Consultant (ABCCCP)


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