Coaching in Africa Symposium

With climate security, climate justice, the war in Ukraine and a few on the continent of Africa, what will it take to ensure the security and peace on the continent?

For the African continent at peace with itself, it should have security at all levels from personal security to global security as an important part of the continent.
The work of leaders is critical towards creating a secure Africa which is at peace with itself! But for these leaders to prosper, they should also have great coaches.

We have brought together great coaches with leaders to have progressive, reflective and action oriented to help participants not only discuss the challenges and leanings, but to embed them through coaching. So, it is essentially a 3-Day coaching session bout the Africa you want to live in.

With a great list of speakers covering a range of AN AFRICA AT PEACE WITH ITSELF -related topics, we’re sure that this event will be our most rewarding yet.

There will be presentations that you won’t want to miss from:

🔸 Dr. Mlamuli Delani Mthembu
🔸 Eksteen de Waal MBA FPSA ICF
🔸 Tanatsiwa Dambuza, MSc
🔸 Mongezi C Makhalima, PhD
🔸 Prof. Jonathan Passmore
🔸 Goodnews Cadogan
🔸 Prof. Theodore Petrus


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