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Coaching & Consulting Research in Africa

he journal of African Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology in Africa was launched early in 2014. The journal provides a forum for professionals in the fields of Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology, to exchange ideas, best-practices, and challenge each other on developments in these closely interrelated sub-disciplines of human development. The journal published articles in these and other areas that directly or indirectly impact coaching, consulting and coaching psychology. If you have missed it, you can get your copy here

We are to create a space to document research in these modalities on the continent, in bringing our “Made in Africa, For the world” tagline. There is a lot of work that is happening on the continent and we want to be the platform for the excellence in research here.

Coaching & Consulting Research in Africa

Contributors are invited to submit articles in any area of interest related to coaching, consulting and coaching psychology.
Articles can be in the following sub-themes:


  •  Implementation of coaching and consulting in organizations
  •  Use of coaching and consulting in communities
  •  Challenges relating to coaching and consulting
  •  Perceptions of coaching and consulting
  •  Emerging trends in coaching and consulting
  •  Etc..

Our Ethical Standards

Our ethical standards are simple and easy to understand they are based on the following values that we hold dear and expect from our members:

Client focus

is the client interest prioritized by the actions of the professionals belonging to our professional board?


Is the member consistent in the way they act and the way they talk? Can they be relied upon?


Is the member capable of doing the work they are called for? Do they have the right sets of skills and attributes?

Result orientation

Does the member get results for the work they do?

These elements have been proven to be pillars of credibility and have been proven by research to be the most valued by our members. We recognize the ethical requirements of other global bodies to which our members belong and therefore will always ensure thereto over and above these five basic ethical principles.

At the ABCCCP we are serious about ethics. Not only do we expect our members to sign up to highest ethical standards, we also enforce these ethical standards. We will investigate any breach of trust or ethics that is presented to the board and make a decision thereon. To this end we have created a “Don’t Touch” list, whose purpose is to list all of our members who breach ethics.

Continous Professional Development


is CPD?


What gives our credential its weight is our insistence that our members constantly upgrade their knowledge. We require that members undergo Continuous Professional Development (CPD). A Minimum 30 CEU points for lower designations and 60 CEU points (for higher designations). The essential criteria are that the activity supports the practitioner in developing their Skill, Knowledge, Attributes and Ethics. We try to keep tracking of your CPD as simple as possible. Where the activity does not fit neatly in the categories below, the council will assess the CPD activity in line with these underlying criteria. The intentions and purpose of the ABCCCP will also be taken into consideration in assessing CPD Activity and the recognition thereof.

Standard CPD Activity
Standard CPD Activity No member’s designation will be renewed without compliance with our CPD requirements. Members are required to keep a record of CPD activities claimed for, for a period of 18 months after their last renewal, for audit purposes. Every year the board undertakes a random audit of CPD accreditation and may require detailed supporting documents.
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All our members are accredited at one level or another in the space of coaching, coaching psychology or consulting. With our members you know you have an accredited practitioner that has gone through rigorous screening processes.
This is what makes the ABCCCP, Africa’s premier quality assurance body.

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